Why did Hyundai Motor come up with the new Bayon brand?

Why did Hyundai Motor come up with the new Bayon brand?

August 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The foreign press continues to follow the fate of the new Bayon brand, which is being patented by Hyundai. Interestingly, both a car with the Hyundai logo and KIA can enter the market under this name.

Hyundai Motor Group is currently actively working on several new models, and recently it became known that the Koreans are registering a new trade name, Bayon.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) accepted the application back in mid-May. There is nothing about Bayon’s future in the document. The only thing we managed to find out: the new name belongs to the category of “cars, sports cars, vans, trucks, buses, electric vehicles, spare parts and accessories for cars.” So there is little specifics.

By the way, the patent application was discovered by TheKoreanCarBlog. It also tried to understand the semantics of the name. However, as it turned out, it has nothing to do with the auto industry. Bayon is a Khmer temple located in Angkor, Cambodia. Its main feature is huge stone heads that are found at every step. The expressions of their “faces” change depending on the lighting and the time of day: from cheerful and kind to sad and frightening.

In general, the name Bayon does not correspond to the Genesis nomenclature. So it is most likely reserved for Hyundai or KIA. Or it will remain an idea that will ultimately be postponed until better times.
Experts from carscoops.com suggest that a new crossover will be released under the name Bayon, which will be addressed to a young audience. This assumption was pushed by auto experts by the temple with smiling faces. Another option is an electric car. It is possible that it could be a crossover or a zero-emission SUV.