Why are Pirelli F-1 tires glossy?

Why are Pirelli F-1 tires glossy?

February 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Not only the FIA ​​with the new regulations surprises the teams. The tire manufacturing company also surprised them by presenting its products manufactured using the new method.

Pirelli has brought new tires to Barcelona for tests, thereby surprising those around them. And it was surprising what – the wheels became so glossy that grid-girls can easily use them instead of a mirror. Representatives of the company did not immediately give the reason for such changes, but only after the morning session.

On the Twitter page, the press service of the tire company published a photo with a post explaining the brilliant effect. The fact is that for Formula 1, chrome casting is used for the first time. Formerly, tires made with this method were successfully tested in the youngest F-2 series last year.

 Mario Isola, boss of the racing department of Pirelli, spoke in an interview with Autosport, which led to the use of new chrome-plated molds in production. The reason is last year’s HyperSoft tires and the softest C4 / C5 of this year – they are too sticky. Therefore, when they are vulcanized and baked, they are difficult to shape.

 Isola added that the glossiness will not affect the quality of the tires themselves and their adhesion to asphalt.

Meanwhile, the FIA ​​announced a tender for the production of a unified gearbox for racing cars.