Why an old Ford without a run is sold for only $ 1400

Why an old Ford without a run is sold for only $ 1400

October 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Unique Ford, whose body was developed by the Italian studio Ghia, was put up for sale for a very small amount.

The announcement of the sale of a 1996 Ford Ghia Vivace looks very tempting. According to the seller, the pretty coupe, which looks much younger than its 24 years old, is based on the Ford Mondeo and became part of a private collection in 2019. The car boasts zero mileage.

The body of the Ford Ghia Vivace is painted bright yellow. The car itself looks pretty attractive, although the doors and bonnet won’t open. The elongated front end is adorned with a tiny grille, small round fog lights and oval head optics. Used Ford also received unusual 17-inch rims with Pirelli P700 tires and fake tailpipes at the stern.

The seller notes that despite the fact that this is a concept that cannot move independently, there are small defects on the body: scratches, paint chips and cracks.

Since the car is just a design “test of the pen”, the so-called slow mockup without an engine, there are no controls or even seats in the cabin. Only the dummies of the seat backs and part of the steering wheel are visible. The current bid for the Bring a Trailer auction is only $ 1400.

Note that such a concept may interest only true connoisseurs and collectors. Judging by the small price tag that are now willing to pay for it, there are not many such people. There are only 2 days left until the end of the auction.