Who will be the winner of Formula 1 in 2019?

Who will be the winner of Formula 1 in 2019?

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

2018 passed with the dominance of the team Mersedes: the German team won the fifth consecutive victory in the Cup of designers, and its main pilot – Lewis Hamilton for the fifth time became the fastest racer on the planet. Hamilton remains the favorite of the season, but bets on Formula 1 racing promise to become more unpredictable.

Personal favorite

Hamilton began last season with a pole position in Australia, but for the first time he climbed to the top of the podium only in the fourth race.

Hamilton in total from 21 races started from the first line in 11 cases. The only misfire occurred in Austria: having started from the second position, the briton did not finish due to problems with the fuel pump.

That race was the only one when Hamilton did not score points. In general, Lewis gave a phenomenal season – a Briton was absent only three times (in China, Canada and Mexico).

According to the results of the German Grand Prix, Hamilton returned the lead in the overall standings and won 8 of the 11 final races. However, bookmakers carefully assess the chances of Lewis.
Hamilton main competitors

The best chances to prevent another championship of the briton has the first pilot of a Ferrari – Sebastian Vettel. At the start of the season, the German looked more convincing than the champion: Sebastian showed the best time in 3 of 4 starting qualifications and became the winner of the stages in Australia and Bahrain. The strength of the German are consistently high results in qualifications – out of the top three Vettel turned out to be only once. However, it was not always possible to transfer the success of the preliminary races to the main races: in 13 stages from the 21st, the Ferrari pilot did not improve the qualification result, and in 8 stages – lost the starting position. The decisive moment of the season for Vettel also became the German Grand Prix: after having won the qualification, the German was unable to reach the finish line, lost the lead in the overall standings and later won only one race.

Among the other competitors Hamilton experts mark Max Verstappen and Valteri Bottas. Last season was the best in his career for Verstappen: the 21-year-old Dutchman was on the podium at 11 stages and came first in Austria and Mexico. At the same time, Max only started four times from the top three – the Dutch’s progress along the main races makes Verstappen the main dark horse of the season. Bottas can also “shoot”: the 29-year-old Finn in every third race showed the best lap time, came to the finish line the same time as the second and left the track only once.