Which pickup is better off-road – Ford F-150 Raptor or Ram Power Wagon?

Which pickup is better off-road – Ford F-150 Raptor or Ram Power Wagon?

May 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Foreign enthusiasts decided to compare two American full-size pick-ups in off-road conditions. I must say that both of these cars have similar characters, but at the same time they are quite different.

If you want to buy a large off-road truck and can spend on it about $ 60,000, the American Ford F-150 Raptor and Ram Power Wagon pickups will be the ideal cars for you. They are both very powerful pickups, but they are also very different. You may ask how different they are? In this video, foreign experts tried to answer this.

To begin with, Ford’s F-150 Raptor pickup is most similar to an SUV – with its huge ground clearance and powerful V6 twin-turbo under the hood. On the contrary, the Ram’s Power Wagon looks more like a workhorse for any terrain. Features such as a lockable front and rear differential, high payload and impressive towing capabilities, as well as higher suspension make the car almost perfect.

When it comes to testing, it can be seen that the Power Wagon feels a little insecure on the roads – it is not as wide as the Raptor, which is a big advantage in some cases. On the other hand, a Ram truck is much better towed.

The Raptor has one locking differential compared to the two locking differentials of the Power Wagon. In terms of suspension, both trucks have high ground clearance, but the Ram product has a clever detachable front crossbar.

After all, these are both very, very capable trucks. Simply put, Ford is more of a sports truck, and the Ram is made for work. Again, if you want to buy a hardcore truck, you should consider both offers, since they have a completely different character. There is no winner here – both cars are ready for any adventure.