Which is better, a Tesla or BMW autopilot?

Which is better, a Tesla or BMW autopilot?

January 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Currently, the American Tesla is no longer the only company that is actively engaged in the development of technology for autonomous driving. But can brand name free technologies be the best in their class?

  Tesla cars now come standard with autopilot. Even the most affordable carmaker’s model, the Model 3 sedan, boasts this technology. Moreover, all Tesla vehicles regularly receive software updates over the air, which constantly improves the performance of the semi-autonomous system.

 Other automakers such as BMW, Mercedes, and Volvo have been releasing semi-autonomous driver assistance systems for years. However, they do not receive the level of publicity that Tesla Autopilot receives.

In the recent past, such systems were generally only available on expensive luxury cars as an expensive option. Some level of driver assistance can be found on many cars today, and they are not all luxurious.

A recent video posted on YouTube compares the Tesla base autopilot with an additional BMW driver assistance package – the latter, for example, featuring the flagship 4-door M850i ​​Gran Coupe. The basic version of Model 3 costs at least $ 39,990 and already includes an autopilot. Coupe M850i ​​Gran Coupe, being the most expensive BMW production car, is offered for $ 300,000. Prices are fair for the US market.

 The author of the video compared the behavior of these semi-autonomous control systems and that’s what he said. He liked more how the Tesla autopilot works. As one of the most necessary functions, he noted the on-screen visualization of the work of this very autopilot. And he cannot say the same about a similar BMW system, as it does not offer any visualization on its display. In fact, the technology works more like adaptive cruise control, which is available on many cars today. It is worth noting that comparing systems from different brands implied a daily trip on each car on the freeway during rush hours to see the autonomy of the Tesla system and the advanced cruise control from BMW.