When Maserati is not Maserati? When is the bike!

When Maserati is not Maserati? When is the bike!

November 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Back in 1950, the company Maserati tried to enter the market of two-wheeled vehicles and produced its own motorcycle. This is the only vehicle that uses the Maserati brand and emblem, in fact not being a Maserati.

Back in the early 50s, the extremely successful and very stylish Italian automaker Maserati was divided into three separate companies – Maserati Automobil – an automobile company, Fonderie di Modena – a foundry, and Fabbrica Candele e Accumulatori Maserati – produced light bulbs and spark plugs.

It was assumed that only Maserati Automobil would be entitled to use the name and emblem, but a loophole in the law led to the appearance of one of the best Italian motorcycles, which no one knows about. Due to the great popularity of two-wheeled vehicles in post-war Italy, many companies switched to the production of mopeds and motorcycles (Ducati previously produced radio stations). In 1953, the Maserati Motorcycle Company was created, which is essentially Italmoto.

125 Tipo T2 is the first Maserati production bike. As a power unit used two-stroke motor for 123 сс. Its power is as much as 6.5 horsepower. The maximum speed of the motorcycle was 80 km / h.

Unfortunately, by 1960, financial problems, serious competition from other major Italian brands and the growth of affordable microcars forced the Maserati Motorcycles out of business.