What would the new VW Polo look like with a face from the VW Golf Mk8?

What would the new VW Polo look like with a face from the VW Golf Mk8?

July 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The artist decided to imagine what an updated version of the budget VW Polo might look like if the designers of the German brand decided to copy the exterior elements from the larger VW Golf Mk8.

The sixth generation VW Polo has been on the market for three years now, so it’s likely that the German brand is already preparing an update for its affordable model.

Since the models receive some design changes with each new version, it may well be that the new VW Polo will look a bit like the larger VW Golf Mk8. This is exactly the idea that the independent artist BrazilAutomotive came up with.

Compared to the current Polo, the virtual new generation of the car received slim “headlights” with new integrated LED DRL graphics

The false radiator grille is much smaller and has a thin chrome finish across the entire width, and the Volkswagen logo partially protrudes into the bonnet, which otherwise remains unchanged. The bumper has received a different design and now has a cleaner appearance, while the profile of the car, side mirror covers, the shape of the wheel arches, etc. remain unchanged.

We’ll be sure to find out if the updated version of the available Polo gets a similar redesign or not when VW starts testing prototypes. It is possible that the prototypes of the new generation of the car should appear on the roads in less than a year.

Note. These are separate illustrations by the artist BrazilAutomotive and are not affiliated in any way with or endorsed by Volkswagen.