What would the legendary Mercedes 300SL look like with a modern design?

What would the legendary Mercedes 300SL look like with a modern design?

May 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An independent designer decided to imagine what the legendary Mercedes 300SL sports car would look like in the exterior of which the modern design features of the powerful AMG GT coupe prevail.

Rethinking the appearance of the legendary car, which was created in the last century using modern design, is a rather difficult task. The fact is that the classic design is already for us something unchanged – some believe that it was “then” that they made truly beautiful cars. As part of our article today, we present a modern interpretation of the legendary sports Mercedes 300SL.

Many believe that the 300SL is the first truly comfortable supercar in the world with many of the necessary options. Model 300SL was introduced in 1956 in the back of a coupe and roadster. The machine was the pinnacle of the design of the 1950s, and even now, the appearance of this iconic model is a “style icon” for many. Well, what can the modern version of the 300SL roadster look like?

    An independent artist tried to answer this question. When creating his version of the iconic car, he used the modern AMG GT roadster as the basis.

  The front LED headlights have been completely redesigned to fit the 300SL form. The modified false radiator grille is similar to the one used in the original 300SL. The lower air intakes necessary for cooling a modern engine are also preserved. Finally, we see side vents similar to those used in the 300SL.