What would the first pickup from Porsche look like

What would the first pickup from Porsche look like

March 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Rendering images were made by famous designer Adel Buras.

Today, the web has rendered renderings of the first pickup from Porsche. Premium Mercedes-Benz has already created its X-Class pickup. The car turned out to be very expensive and comfortable, but did not become revolutionary in the pickup market. Adele Buras tried to portray a Porsche pickup truck that could become revolutionary in the market. The designer gave the model the name Traykan – a pickup truck combines the features of a powerful and at the same time sports car.

The line of the hood is made in the style of the Cayenne crossover, the headlights design turned out to be very interesting. The foglights are depicted in a round design and give the car a futuristic look, and the running lights are connected by a light strip. A couple of years ago, this solution became popular for taillights. The radiator grill has a black color without chrome inserts, it is designed not to attract a lot of attention.

The side of the car relates us to a real brutal pickup truck – here we can see large off-road tires, extended wheel arches and steps in front of the doors.

 At the rear of the car, narrow headlights and large exhaust pipes draw attention to themselves. The pickup could take over the power plant from the Taycan model – this would provide him with the dynamics of a real sports car.