What would cars like from Google, Apple or Amazon look like?

What would cars like from Google, Apple or Amazon look like?

March 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

These images, created by an independent artist, show what the first cars from technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Uber Eats can be.

What happens if technology companies start producing cars? To develop autonomous vehicle management systems, artificial intelligence with the ability to learn, eminent car manufacturers are already collaborating with technical giants such as Google and Uber. But is it possible that the same Amazon or Apple, and possibly Facebook, will fully convene their cars, which will be able to compete with long-standing players in the automotive market?

Despite the fact that we will always like to drive our own vehicles independently, there is a whole mountain of opportunities for using a taxi or some van without a driver, which will deliver you or your things to where you say it.

Let’s start with the fictional Facebook FaceBus bus (in the top photo). A motor home, which is most likely to receive the function of independent driving, can accommodate several people, and when it is safely parked in a picturesque place, its interior space can be expanded to give each traveler a little more room for an overnight stay.

 The small, friendly-looking Amazon Amabot is the exact opposite of the comically frightening drones of the company that currently exist. A standalone delivery bot is likely to take root better on university and office campuses. When Amabot is ready for use, you will receive a notification on your phone and turn on the GPS, which will allow Amabot to deliver goods directly to you.

Now the turn has come to the Apple i-Drive, although the name is certainly somewhat unsuccessful, because BMW already has a similar designation. Nevertheless, the theoretical Apple i-Drive car will be easily synchronized with your iPhone, MacBook, Apple Music and Apple TV, which will make your work on these devices much more convenient when you are in this car.

Uber Eats’ UberBeeps “concept represents what can happen if you trust autonomous food delivery vehicles. UberBeeps will store food and drinks in a dedicated compartment, which will only be accessible through a unique PIN. Moreover, the compartment will heat up or cool down, depending on what is in it.