What will the Toyota Supra A90 look like in the style of the A80 generation?

What will the Toyota Supra A90 look like in the style of the A80 generation?

April 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Independent artist Octon decided to imagine what the Toyota Supra 2020 model year would look like if the brand’s designers decided to make it look like the A80 generation.

The legendary Toyota Supra has returned to the car market after an almost 20-year hiatus. Toyota previously promised the return of the Supra sports coupe in 2014, when the FT-1 concept was introduced, which laid the foundation for the design of the new generation of the car. You can see the impact of the FT-1 in the production version of the current Supra A90 generation, although, like most cases of the “transition” from the concept to the production version of the model, Toyota has simplified the concept’s vibrant design.

But what if Toyota designers decided to design the sports coupe for the 2020 model year in the same style as the Supra A80 generation? Well, the new visuals from the Octon designer show us what such a car could be.

As a basis for rendering, the Mazda RX Vision concept was taken, which was subsequently seriously modernized. The car received many elements from the Supra A80 generation.

This version of the sports Supra is distinguished by an elongated front overhang, a pointed “nose” and an elongated central pillar that “flows” into the rear panel.

 Along the side there are large slots for air intake, which will subsequently cool the brakes. At the rear of the car there is minimalism with large double exhaust tips extended into the lower corners of the rear bumper. The taillights are simple in shape. One of the features of the rear of the car is a curved wing of a sample of the 90s. He pays tribute to the fourth-generation sports coupe.