What will the Tesla Model S look like in a station wagon?

What will the Tesla Model S look like in a station wagon?

February 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The designer decided to present his version of what he calls the Cyberwagon. In fact, this is a station wagon Tesla Model S, which, as its name implies, was created under the influence of the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck.

Tesla shocked the world of automotive design with its Cybertruck pickup truck with its chopped lines and sharp edges – you won’t find at least slight bends in the back of an electric car. Presentation of new items was held in November last year. This exterior is strange on all sides, which you can either love or just hate. Regardless of these opinions, one thing is clear: in the current automotive world, a pickup truck is not like anything else, and, for better or worse, it can immediately be identified as a model from Tesla. While many SUVs and crossovers are just as similar to each other as regular cornflake boxes, such an exterior is a big plus in favor of brand recognition.

This is the essence of the new design project from our favorite artist from the YouTube channel The Sketch Monkey. He uses the uniqueness of the Cybertruck truck’s shape and then applies the exterior details to the Model S electric sedan.

 The end result is called Cyberwagon, combining straight lines and sharp edges in one body.

As automotive journalists, we are required by law to love all types of cars, including station wagons. We also understand what the artist is talking about in his video – the unique approach to creating the design of his cars, and whatever it is, the inclusion of Cybertruck elements in other Tesla models can give the automaker a greater degree of market recognition. And, as always, we pay tribute to the work of an independent artist for making the complex redesign very simple.

 It should be noted separately sharp corners in the rear of the car, tiny lights, a large hex rear window.