What will the Pontiac Aztek 2021 model year SUV look like?

What will the Pontiac Aztek 2021 model year SUV look like?

January 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video was released on the Sketch Monkey YouTube channel, within which we are shown a design option for the American Pontiac Aztek SUV.

  When this shocking SUV appeared on the streets in 2001, fans of the Ford Mustang II sports coupe were incredibly happy that now the title of the far from the most beautiful car was assigned to the Pontiac Aztek. Oddly enough, the controversial Pontiac Aztek has acquired a cult of followers – especially after playing the role in the series Breaking Bad, where the protagonist Walter White moved on this SUV.

There is such a channel on YouTube, it is called The Sketch Monkey. As part of the videos that are included there, a talented artist who owns a Photoshop graphics editor at a fairly good level presents updated versions of vintage cars. It is noteworthy that this is his second attempt to make the Pontiac Aztek a more attractive car. The first was back in May 2019, and although the artist worked hard to improve the appearance of the SUV, in our opinion, the Pontiac Aztek remained … not the most beautiful car.

 This time, the artist’s attention is focused on the back of the Aztek SUV, and, according to the video, it was a difficult process to create a new exterior.

 In fact, you see that the agony and disappointment in three days comes down to 10 minutes, during which this video goes on, although we think it was a good time. The video explains two main problems with the appearance of Aztek – asymmetric proportions and body lines that prevent it from creating a good design. But still, the end result here looks very, very cool.

 For reasons that we do not fully understand, the final appearance of the SUV makes it very similar to the modern models of the Japanese brand Honda. Add some crazy air vents and sharp edges, and maybe that’s what the future Civic-based crossover will look like.