What will happen to the Nissan GT-R, if in him shove 3000 horses?

What will happen to the Nissan GT-R, if in him shove 3000 horses?

February 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Upon arrival, the 3000-hp Nissan GT-R, the technique could not stand it and went into the dressing. The car, however, was quickly repaired.

Drag racing or race in a straight line, can be the most destructive form of auto racing on the planet. In just a few short seconds, the cars should drive only 204 meters, and during this seemingly short distance and time, the cars should be laid out in full.

Success in this kind of races is due to the power of the motor and its torque. Cars for “dredge”, as a rule, much more powerful than racing cars. Do not forget about a breakthrough from the place, without which you just can not do in these races – all this is a very tough test for any car.

 This is exactly the case with this Nissan GT-R with an incredible 3000 horsepower that was able to overcome 402 meters in just 7.25 seconds. During the first six seconds, all components and assemblies of this car worked, as they say, for wear.

Perhaps all-wheel drive cars wear even more than rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive, as their grip is capable of turning gearboxes, transfer boxes, differentials and axles into a “mess”.

Surprisingly, the failure of this GT-R has not affected any of these components. As far as we can tell, even the insides of the engine were safe. In this case, an unexpected failure was the turbine wheel from the turbocharger, which flew through the transverse thrust into the barrier. It almost hit the cameraman before bouncing off the fence.

After some repairs, the powerful GT-R started working again, ready to win more races and beat even more records.

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