What will be the powerful Bavarian BMW M8 coupe in the CSL hybrid version?

What will be the powerful Bavarian BMW M8 coupe in the CSL hybrid version?

August 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Automobile publications persistently say that the Bavarian company is in full swing testing the high-performance BMW M8 coupe in the CSL version. The new 2022 model year will receive a plug-in hybrid powertrain, which will be more powerful than the current M8 Competition.

Last week, we reported on a series of “spy” photos that threw us into confusion – a partially disguised BMW 8 Series coupe prototype was spotted in tests. It had a few odd features that hinted at having its engine midway between the front and rear axles, but the latest rumors are that the Bavarians are testing a new hybrid powertrain to power the 2022 BMW M8 high-performance coupe CSL.

The strange 8 Series test cars had louvers on the rear windows and rear window.


However, as the eminent foreign publication reports, which refers to its trusted sources in the Bavarian company, the BMW engineering team tested the new hybrid engine. It is assumed that it will be based on a gasoline inline six-cylinder engine, which will be paired with an electric motor. The total power of the power plant will be 700 horsepower. That’s slightly more than the current M8 Competition with 617 hp. Again, the upcoming CSL will be positioned higher than the M8 Competition.

The M8 CSL will get a new front bumper, larger air intakes and a new protruding front spoiler. There will also be hood and fender deflectors. A massive spoiler will appear at the rear, which will likely sit above the redesigned bumper and lower rear diffuser. The novelty will receive a huge number of carbon fiber elements (to reduce weight), and will also lose the rear seats. The 2022 BMW M8 CSL will not appear until 2022.

not so long ago, we wrote that one of the BMW prototypes crashed at the Nurburgring. The car took off in one of the turns and crashed into the road fence. No one was injured in the accident.