What will be the mid-engined Mercedes-AMG?

What will be the mid-engined Mercedes-AMG?

February 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Some publications presented a render for the new model of the sports brand Mercedes-AMG. A potential German mid-engine novelty could compete on equal footing with the Porsche Cayman 2020.

The Mercedes-AMG GT was introduced in September 2014 and became the second sports car, which was fully developed by the sports division of Mercedes-AMG, the first such model was the SLS in the coupe. The mid-engine design was created by Mark Featherston, who also worked on the same Mercedes-AMG SLS, as well as the A-Class (W176) and the first-generation CLA-Class.

 This virtual shot of the car was presented by the CarLifestyle design team, who imagined a smaller and less powerful version of the Mercedes-AMG GT, which would compete on an equal footing with another German mid-engined coupe Porsche Cayman and the like.

We are confident that the latest generation two-door sports car is used as the basis for rendering.

Ahead, the rendering shows a distinct copy of the AMG GT. But in general, the “novelty” is made in the latest design style of the company, in accordance with which the design of all modern Mercedes-Benz models has been created. We are talking in particular about a pair of turning lights and more clearly defined air intakes built into the bumper.

 Daimler’s 4.0-liter V8 twin-cylinder engine is the obvious choice for this hypothetical sports car, and a frustrated version of this powertrain with around 450 horsepower can give the AMG child a good edge over the 2020 Cayman GTS.

 All this sounds very good, but, unfortunately, it is safe to say that the German manufacturer does not plan to launch a smaller and more affordable Mercedes-AMG model with an average engine location.