What will be the Italian Ferrari Purosangue sports crossover in the end?

What will be the Italian Ferrari Purosangue sports crossover in the end?

January 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The first crossover in the history of the Italian automobile brand will receive a design that is likely to be related to it with the recently introduced Roma concept.

Representatives of the Ferrari company have repeatedly said that the first crossover of the brand, which will be called Purosangue, will be very similar to the recently introduced Roma SUV concept. So we had no doubt that soon, independent artists will present computer visualization of an Italian novelty. So, before us is the creation of LACO Design designers who tried to imagine how the direct competitor to the British crossover Aston Martin DBX and Italian Lamborghini Urus will look in the end.

 We saw the Purosangue only once in real life, but it was a test prototype that went through the very initial stages of testing Рthe novelty was then hidden under the body of another brand model Рthe GTC4Lusso station wagon.

Nevertheless, it is very interesting how the crossover from Ferrari will look. We will know this already in 2021, but we really hope that it will be an attractive crossover in every sense.

There is a very good chance that the actual Purosangue will not look like this, since Ferrari is unlikely to simply transfer the style of the previously presented Roma concept and make minor adjustments to it to adapt it to the higher ground clearance of its new crossover model.

The crossover will be built on a newly developed platform that debuted on the GT. Although this platform was developed taking into account the use of V8 and V12 engines, it will also be possible to install plug-in hybrid motors of the company, created on the basis of powerful V6, in it. Also, customers will be available and all-electric power plant.