What will be the Formula 1 in 2050? McLaren offered her vision

What will be the Formula 1 in 2050? McLaren offered her vision

January 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The McLaren Applied Technologies division presented to the public its vision of the future of Formula 1 in three decades, in 2050.

As part of the concept, a McLaren subsidiary has released the futuristic images of the MCLExtreme electric vehicle with rear-wheel drive and active aerodynamics. At the same time, the machine, capable of reaching speeds of up to 500 km / h, is equipped with an artificial intelligence system that assists the rider in piloting, studies his actions and condition, and also builds up the strategy of the race.

It is worth noting that this is not the first F1 car of the future from McLaren. In 2015, the concept MP4-X was introduced in Woking, and in 2018 the MP4-X2 was introduced.

But this time, McLaren was not limited to the machine, but presented a general vision of the concept of the Grand Prix of the future. The tracks in the proposed concept consist of steep ascents and descents, banking, adapt to changing weather conditions, and pit lane equipped with devices for charging batteries. There will be no need to replace the tires, since the tires will be self-repairing. At the same time, help of artificial intelligence will be unavailable at certain sections of the route.

For better visibility, fans of the track will become transparent. In addition, the reaction of the fans will be visible to the riders in the cockpit.

“In recent years, we have repeatedly seen the concept of the machines of the future. But such a detailed vision of the future of motor racing is presented for the first time, ”commented sports director of McLaren Applied Technologies Rodi Basso. “We hope that this project will serve as a pretext for a debate on how motor racing should respond to changes in technology and trends in sports entertainment in order to meet the needs of fans in 2050.”