What versions of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup are the most popular?

What versions of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup are the most popular?

April 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to the data received, the average price for pre-orders for an American pickup truck exceeds the mark of $ 62,000. Officially, the acceptance of orders has not yet begun.

Data from crowdsourcing at the foreign forum Cybertruck Talk gave us an idea of ​​which versions of the news from Tesla people mostly want to order for themselves. There are a few important things to mention before we get to the specific numbers. To begin with, according to a foreign forum, average transaction prices were determined based on data obtained by crowdsourcing from more than 1800 members of the Tesla enthusiast community, but it is impossible to find out if the numbers they provide are accurate. It is also worth noting that at the moment, the Cybertruck electric pickup truck is technically not available for order.

Instead, all you can do is select the option you want to buy in the future, fully configure its settings and place a pre-order.

 The most basic configuration of the Cybertruck is a Single Motor with a minimum price of $ 39,900. According to the forum, people spend an average of $ 44,012 on this pickup version. One reason for this higher price is the fact that 58.74% of those who pre-ordered the Tesla Cybertruck basic version chose the Full Self-Driving option (autopilot) for $ 7,000

The average configuration is Dual Motor, whose prices start at $ 49,900, but the average “deal” price is $ 54,446, again due to the fact that 64.94% want to buy an autopilot (Full-Self Driving). The most expensive version of the electric pickup is Tri Motor with a base price of $ 69,900 and an average “bargain” price of $ 75,448, with 79.25% of people choosing Full-Self Driving.

 The forum says that the average price for all Tesla Cybertruck models that were pre-ordered is $ 62,554. As far as we can tell, there is no official data on how many people order versions of the truck with one, two and three engines, respectively. However, it is clear that most Tesla Cybertruck owners will pay far more than the starting price of a $ 39,900 truck.