What the Formula 1 track looks like after a snowfall

What the Formula 1 track looks like after a snowfall

January 12, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The circuit is completely covered with snow

A short video was published on the Web, which showed the state of the Circuit of the Americas race track after a heavy snowfall. The race track, which hosts the Formula 1 US Grand Prix, has taken on a completely different look

The Route of the Americas is located near Austin in the US state of Texas. The circuit was the first in the United States to be built specifically for Formula 1 competition. Usually in this region about two centimeters of snow falls per year, but this time it turned out to be much more.

The footage shows that the track is covered with a 10-centimeter layer of snow, which is still falling. However, weather forecasters predict that the temperature in the region will rise to 18 degrees Celsius in the coming days, so those with access to the circuit have very little time left to drive along the snow-covered US Grand Prix track.

After all, it is better to experience the emotions of snow driving on a specially built autodrome than to try your hand at unprepared places, and even more so in an “unprepared” state. This is exactly what the 59-year-old American did last February when he drove a Range Rover down the mountainside after visiting a drinking establishment.