What “sees” Tesla autopilot at night in a thunderstorm

What “sees” Tesla autopilot at night in a thunderstorm

May 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There was a video with the visualization of the autopilot system

A video with the visualization of data coming from the cameras and sensors of the autopilot system of Tesla cars appeared on the Web. The video shows what electronics sees (and how it reacts) at night during heavy rain.

In the description of the video it says that the weather conditions were quite difficult and the autopilot did not want to run for some time. However, during operation, the electronics still managed to distinguish the boundaries of the roadway and passing cars, but sometimes lost sight of them because of the water flooding the camera.

Last year, a similar video, but created in a 360-degree survey, showed how Tesla’s electronics are oriented when driving along serpentine. The autopilot was sometimes mistaken and confused in determining the correct lane.

In another video, the autopilot made a wrong turn on the serpentine and nearly drove the car into a cliff. The driver managed to react and correct the error, but the car still had an accident, crashing into the rock.