What power will the “charged” BMW M3 sedan end up with?

What power will the “charged” BMW M3 sedan end up with?

October 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian high-performance novelty in an even more powerful version of Competition was able to show more than 500 liters of power on a dyno stand. The official presentation of the production car will be held next year.

Very soon, we will be shown a high-performance BMW M3 sedan of the next generation. We already know that under the hood of the novelty there will be either a 480 or a 510-horsepower engine, at least, as the current head of BMW M Markus Flash said. Well, the video, which was published a couple of minutes ago, makes us understand that the output power indicators can be more, much more.

The video appeared on the IND Distribution YouTube channel, and it depicts the “charged” BMW X3 M crossover in a powerful version of Competition, which shows its abilities on a dyno stand. The video lasts a little over a minute. As a result, the motor power of the Bavarian news reaches at least 491 horsepower, which is called “on wheels”.

We remind you that BMW officially estimates the power of the X3 M Competition crossover at 503 hp. – it is reported that exactly so many “horses” enter the crankshaft. You do not need to be a stellar mathematician to understand that if an all-wheel drive transmission causes a loss of power, this engine can develop more than 503 hp.

Given the 10 percent power loss in the drivetrain, the six-cylinder engine in the new X3 M is most likely designed for 542 hp. Keep in mind that a figure of 10% is quite abstract – the output power in the end can be even higher. How does this relate to the new M3? The latter will receive the same updated in-line “six” B58. The presentation of the car is expected next year.