What is this element of the interior of the new generation Hyundai sedan?

What is this element of the interior of the new generation Hyundai sedan?

March 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A new generation of South Korean sedan was officially unveiled a couple of hours ago. The car received a fantastic interior, among which there is one element, the purpose of which was not clear for a long time.

Hyundai unveiled the updated Elantra last night, showing the world the completely redesigned appearance of its compact sedan. Following the bizarre design language of the larger Sonata sedan, the new Elantra is full of small details, thanks to which the car gets its pretty attractive design.

The same can be said about its interior, which has a new layout, which is a significant step forward compared to the previous model. The new Elantra additionally has two 10.3-inch displays, which are located next to each other, with the left screen acting as a digital dashboard and the “image” from the infotainment complex is displayed on the right. Although several displays are perhaps the most important innovations in this interior, there is one design element that made our editorial team scratch their collective head during the presentation.

To the left of the dashboard is a panel with a round object (with a horizontal line in the middle), which can serve any purpose.

At first, we thought it was a strange air deflector. But we noticed real deflectors right below and refuted this theory. Well, maybe this is an abstract looking speaker? No, not that either.

 We contacted a member of the Hyundai Product Planning Team and they responded with a very simple answer. “This is just a drawing on glass … it does not perform any function other than aesthetic value.”

 It was funny to “puzzle” in search of an answer to a question, and then find out that … everything is much easier than we thought. Hyundai is not shy about adding bold design elements, even if they serve no real purpose in the interior. Even with such a strange little addition, the Elantra’s interior looks fantastic and should set the bar for other companies in this segment.