What is the problem of mistakes of Sebastian Vettel on Formula 1?

What is the problem of mistakes of Sebastian Vettel on Formula 1?

October 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

German race car driver, four-time world champion of Formula 1 racing Sebastian Vettel lost all chances to win because of many flaws on the track. The participant of the race himself believes that it is not only him who is to blame.

The chances of winning the racer Ferrari Sebastian Vettel are negligible. He is behind by as much as 70 points from Lewis Hamilton, representing the company Mersedes.

The world champion made several mistakes in a row on the track, which led to a collision of cars on one of the turns. Sebastian Vettel himself admitted that he lacked speed to overtake rivals and there are a number of other reasons.

Vice world champion 2001 racer David Coulthard linked the problems of the German with personal problems in the Ferrari team. Coulthard explains that he very often sees Sebastian with Red Bull Racing, where he played before. And the Italian auto racing team Scuderia Ferrari still does not allow the racing driver to feel comfortable.

But, despite all the mistakes and the loss of a large number of points, Sebastian Vettel is not discouraged and believes that if not in this, then next season he will definitely be able to win.