What is the electric Chevy Corvette capable of?

What is the electric Chevy Corvette capable of?

November 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The all-electric version of the iconic American supercar can accelerate to 338 km / h. The guys from Genovation worked on the electric car project.

 We can all agree that the electric Chevy Corvette is very strange. Now I’ll explain – just imagine, you eat in the general stream and suddenly you notice among the gray and familiar “Logans, Solaris, etc.” a bright sports car. Looking closely, you understand that this is a Chevy Corvette, but the bad thing is that when it accelerates you don’t hear the expected roar of the engine.

 At the moment, there is no official data on whether the American automaker will begin selling electric Corvette or not.

It is curious that many fans of the brand say that the creation of such a performance of the machine will be sacrilegious in relation to the history of this iconic model. But given that we live in a time when electrification is manifested to some degree or other everywhere, I think that the appearance of an all-electric Chevy Corvette is only a matter of time.

Genovation decided to make an electric car with 800 horsepower (973 Nm) based on the 2018 Corvette Grand Sport. This moment is transmitted exclusively to the rear wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Called the Genovation GXE, the project has the same power output as conventional corvettes, but it does not growl so menacingly. There is certainly a minus – with batteries installed, the Genovation GXE is significantly heavier than the original. The machine weighs 1,996 kg, which is about 454 kg heavier than the Corvette C7. But the electric “corvette” has a higher maximum speed – it is 338 km / h. Even with the newest Corvette C8, this figure is 312 km / h.