What is the BMW M5 sedan capable of after a mileage of 658,221 km?

What is the BMW M5 sedan capable of after a mileage of 658,221 km?

October 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Cars with high mileage can serve faithfully for a very long time, of course only if we are talking about regular and proper maintenance. That is the car and is the hero of our news today – an old one, but quite capable of surprising the BMW M5 E39 with a range of 514,990 kilometers.

It is noteworthy that the video says that the car’s actual mileage is 658,221 km, but it is important to note that in 2003 the car’s engine was replaced with another one due to problems with high oil consumption. Nevertheless, a car that has passed quite a few 514 990 km deserves respect.

According to the passport, the motor power of this high-performance M5 in the back of the E39 is 394 horsepower. It is a 4.9-liter V8 engine that works with a manual gearbox.

According to the plans of enthusiasts, a dyno test should show what the car’s engine is capable of after so many kilometers traveled. In addition, another M5 E39 was selected for comparison, which was stored only in the garage and which had “only” 125,528 km on the odometer.

So, the dyno-stand shows that the “charged” M5 sedan with high mileage generates 282 horsepower (mass air flow sensors were connected in this test), and the same car, but with lower mileage, produced 207.2 “horses”. It’s a little strange, but you can’t argue with numbers.

In the last dynamometer cycle, two machines are compared with disabled mass air flow sensors and Alpha-N software. The M5 with less traversed path generates 346.7 hp. against 326 “horses”, which our today’s hero could give out.