What is Tesla capable of after hacking electronics

What is Tesla capable of after hacking electronics

September 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla has a reputation for being a tech, safe and reliable car manufacturer. But any computer can be configured, right?

We have repeatedly seen how Tesla electric cars, like crazy, accelerate to 100 km / h, leaving behind almost any other powerful car. This is definitely crazy, but for the sake of completeness, the drift is not enough.

Indeed, Tesla’s electric cars are not particularly easy to catch in this activity. This is due to a set of security systems that hold back the potential of the machine and keep it manageable in predictable and safe limits.

So, this whole thing needs to be turned off. In this video, a brave motorist demonstrates how to do this. First you need to switch the car to Drive mode, then transfer to Park. We go to the menu of the information system, select Settings, and there – Service.

After some manipulations in the process of preparing the settings, Tesla will reboot. And after the start of the movement, all electronic assistants will be turned off, including the automatic emergency braking system, stabilization and traction control systems, regenerative braking.

Of course, this is not safe, especially considering that such operations do not need to be a hacker. This is just a sequence of actions that detects a vulnerability. Of course, the company will fix this loophole as soon as possible with the next update of the system. But what happens while this issue has not yet been resolved using a specific Tesla Model S as an example, see the video.