What is known about the wider and more powerful version of the Czinger 21C hypercar?

What is known about the wider and more powerful version of the Czinger 21C hypercar?

April 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An ordinary hypercar will get a wider body, as well as 1350 horsepower. It is reported that the power-to-weight ratio should be around 1080 hp. per ton.

A few months ago, California-based Czinger introduced the 21C Hybrid Car with a hybrid propulsion system. The car has a salon in which only one seat is installed. The hypercar is equipped with an extremely compact and powerful 2.88-liter V8 with a pair of turbochargers that works with a seven-speed sequential gearbox and all-wheel drive. The engine can spin up to 11,000 rpm. In addition to the gasoline engine, several electric motors are installed – they are located on the front wheels. The total power is 1233 hp

Recently, Czinger’s chief sales officer, Jens Sverdrup, said the new version of the 21C is on the road and will have a wide-bodied body and engine with an increase of 100 hp. power. The overall performance will be 1350 hp.

“We wanted to show a more powerful version of our hypercar before the Geneva Motor Show, but we didn’t have enough time for it,” Jens admits. “Anyone who buys one of our 80 planned for the production of 21C hypercars can choose its wide-body version in the list of options. “This performance of the car is not only suitable for driving on public roads, but it will be the perfect choice for high-speed runs on racetracks.”

The widebody 21C will receive a new chassis setup, wider tires and better aerodynamic performance. Additional power was obtained after the modernization of the gasoline engine and hybrid system without adding additional weight – the entire installation weighs 449.96 kg as before. Currently, we do not have dynamic characteristics for the new product, but the regular version of the 21C can accelerate to 100 km / h in just 1.9 seconds, and its maximum speed is 432 km / h.