What is known about the updated BMW 1-Series and 2-Series Gran Tourer?

What is known about the updated BMW 1-Series and 2-Series Gran Tourer?

March 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is expected that the premiere of the updated BMW 1-Series will be held at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall.

BMW puts the finishing touches on a completely new version of the 5-door hatchback 1-Series (captured in the photo). The novelty will be based on the FAAR front-wheel drive platform. The internal studies conducted by BMW showed that the brand’s customers prefer a more spacious comfortable lounge than the thrill of riding experience. Failure of the rear propeller shaft will allow BMW to free up more space in the cabin.

The transition to a new platform will reduce production costs by 660 euros is in the case of each instance built.

Further savings will be achieved by sharing more parts with other BMW models, as well as the Mini. The money saved will be used for the development of electric vehicles and autonomous driving systems.

It is expected that the BMW 1-Series 2020 model year in version 118i, will receive a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine with 138 hp. (220 Nm), and the 120i version is a 2.0-liter 187 hp engine. (280 Nm). The same unit, but tuned to 221 hp (310 Nm) will be set to 125i, and for 130i its power will be equal to 261 hp (380 Nm).

The diesel line of the Bavarian novelty boasts a 2.0-liter engine producing 148 hp. (version 118d), 187 hp for 120d and also 228 hp in the “heated” M135dX.

The most powerful gasoline engine will be the 2.0-liter 302-horsepower M130iX, which will come with all-wheel drive xDrive. Since BMW excludes M-versions of cars with front-wheel drive, the next 1st series is unlikely to get a full-fledged M-performance.

An updated 2-Series Gran Coupe / Active Tourer will be built on the basis of the FAAR front-wheel drive platform. The seven-seater version of the Gran Tourer will not seem to be offered.