What is known about the new model Lamborghini?

What is known about the new model Lamborghini?

March 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian automaker is already working on its new supercar, which will receive a landing formula of 2 + 2. About the novelty so far nothing is known.

It is safe to say that Lamborghini is on the right track – the company’s sales are becoming more and more. Last year, the automaker from Sant’Agata Bolognese shipped a total of 5,750 vehicles, which is 51% more than a year earlier. 2018 was the eighth year of growth, and the current 2019 is already pretty good, in particular, sales of the Urus crossover contributed to this.

Journalists of the foreign edition of Autocar talked with CEO of the brand Stefano Domenicali about Lamborghini plans for the near future. One of the main tasks is to achieve annual sales of 8,000 cars.

If sales continue to grow until the middle of the next decade, a fourth supercar may join the current Huracan, Aventador and Urus models. Mr. Domenicali admitted that work on the Gran Turismo class car has already begun, the car will receive a landing formula of 2 + 2. However, the model has not yet been signed into production. If the project receives the green light, the new model is estimated to increase annual sales to 10,000 units or more.

Domenicali confirmed the plans of Lamborghini to keep the V10 and V12 engines as long as possible, but with the introduction of hybrid technologies due to more stringent environmental standards. Speaking about the Aventador model, the CEO said that it is still in high demand, despite the fact that it has been around for about eight years. Sales are planned to be maintained for another two years.