What is known about the new Bentley crossover?

What is known about the new Bentley crossover?

March 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In an interview with reporters of foreign publications, the British brand’s CEO said that they are considering the possibility of creating another crossover. Novelty may well get a plug-in hybrid engine.

The Bentley Bentayga is already one of the most expensive and luxurious crossovers on the market, but it is reported that a car manufacturer from the UK hopes to create a new SUV, which will be located above the Bentayga in the company’s model line And yes, the novelty can get a hybrid engine.

 Foreign journalists from Car and Driver recently had the opportunity to speak with Bentley boss Adrian Hallmark about the company’s decision to cease production of the Mulsanne sedan and which model could take its place.

 “In the good old days, 20 years ago, global sales of premium four-door cars ranged from 1,500 to 2,000 copies a year,” says Hallmark. “Now we sell far fewer sedans, and crossovers are becoming increasingly popular.”

 Bentley does not plan to represent the successor to the Mulsanne – that is, any sedan. Given that crossovers and SUVs are becoming increasingly popular, Hallmark said the company will create a new crossover model to fill the void left by Mulsanne.

“It will not be a sports car; we will not build sports cars. Last year, the Bentley Bentayga crossover accounted for 47% of our sales, ”he said. “Thus, a clear sign is that luxury car buyers now find SUVs much more attractive to buy.”

 If Bentley really decides to introduce a new crossover, which will be positioned as the flagship model of the brand, it probably will not appear for quite some time. In fact, an unnamed senior official at the company says the new product will be introduced after the brand’s first electric car enters the market, and this will not happen until 2025.