What is known about the General Motors electric pickup?

What is known about the General Motors electric pickup?

October 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It became known that the first pickup truck of the American concern with an all-electric power plant will be built at the General Motors (GM) assembly plant located in Michigan (USA). Nothing really is known about the new product.

The assembly plant in Detroit-Hamtramke, which belongs to the American GM, has been idle for a long time. The management of the concern until recently did not know what to do with it. A couple of minutes ago, we became aware that the production facilities of this enterprise would not be sold – instead, the plant could become a platform for the production of GM electric pickups.

 The all-electric pickup is still on the project board, originally announced in September this year during negotiations between General Motors and the United Automobile Workers Union (UAW). The latter organized a strike because of the threat of losing their jobs.

 GM is expected to invest $ 9 billion in new production. It can finally soothe worries about jobs.

The big news that became known concerns the upcoming full-size electric pickup, which, if approved by the management of the concern, will be produced at the Detroit-Hamtramk plant (Michigan, USA).

  “One of the biggest problems in the strike is what will happen to the Detroit Hamtramke plant. This is one of our four unallocated factories, but tonight we still decided on a specific plan for it, ”the official statement from GM said.

 There are not many details about what to expect from an environmentally friendly new product, except that it can be presented under the Chevrolet brand. And its competitors will be electric trucks from Rivian, Ford, Tesla and other companies.