What is known about the BMW iX3 electric crossover?

What is known about the BMW iX3 electric crossover?

July 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is reported that the all-new Bavarian novelty will be made in China and exported from there around the world. The car will receive a power reserve of 400 km and a 300-hp engine.

BMW is not too secretive about the appearance of its armada of electric vehicles. In fact, the Bavarian automaker has already published the official “spy” photos of the iX3 crossover, a concept that was introduced in 2018.

Now it is known that the automaker’s management approved the date for the start of production of the car – the iX3 assembly, exactly like the electric cars i4 and iNext, is scheduled for next year.

However, at the moment there is quite a bit of information about iX3. We are limited by the knowledge that it is equipped with the fifth generation BMW eDrive technology. The car also boasts a range of over 400 kilometers and can use charging stations with a capacity of 150 kW. Charging to them up to 100% will be completed within 30 minutes.

The overseas edition of BMWBlog has received a bit more information about the brand new electric crossover. It is reported that the future iX3 is based on the G08 platform, which underlies the X3 crossover in a long-wheelbase configuration. Moreover, the iX3 will presumably have a rear-wheel drive layout in some automotive markets. BMWBlog also received the name of one of the versions of the iX3 – sDrive75, where “75” represents the power of 75 kW of its battery.

In addition to the rear-wheel drive platform electric crossover, there are rumors that the iX3 engines will produce about 300 horsepower (224 kilowatts).