What is known about the BMW i8 hybrid supercar receiver?

What is known about the BMW i8 hybrid supercar receiver?

May 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to foreign publications, the further development of the previously presented Vision M NEXT concept is completely suspended. The reason is the impossibility of a sufficient economic justification for the new hybrid supercar.

In 2019, the Bavarian automaker introduced a concept car called Vision M NEXT, which, according to brand representatives, “combines the latest achievements of the company in the field of creating autonomous driving technologies, developing exterior / interior design, as well as plug-in hybrid powertrains in combined with the high potential of a sports car. ” This car was supposed to be a worthy successor to the BMW i8 hybrid supercar.

 When the Vision M NEXT was announced, it looked very cool and aroused considerable public interest, but if the rumors are confirmed, Vision M NEXT will remain a concept. Today, May 2, a reputable German publication reports that the development of Vision M NEXT has been suspended for a number of reasons, and BMW itself still does not say anything about it.

 The cost of developing such experimental machines, as well as the possible sales volume of their serial versions are the main issues in favor of their further development. It is precisely these requirements that apply to the Bavarian concept of the BMW Vision M NEXT.

Despite the relative success of the i8 hybrid supercar, the development and financing of the M NEXT will be expensive, and its sales will probably not be able to cover all the costs of its creation. Despite the fact that the announced car embodies all the values ​​of BMW, the decisive factor is the possible volume of sales figures.

 Perhaps BMW is better off investing so much in replenishing its hybrid and electric vehicles, and the idea of ​​a new hybrid supercar is not the best way to spend big money right now. If the rumor turns out to be true, then it is hoped that perhaps we will get such a supercar in the future. The i8 receiver will receive either a hybrid or fully electric powertrain, with much more power and a huge amount of technology than the current i8.