What is known about the all-electric version of the Ford Transit?

What is known about the all-electric version of the Ford Transit?

March 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American electric novelty will go on sale as a model year 2022 van. Pricing data is not yet available, but it is known that the electric version of the iconic commercial car will be offered with several types of bodies.

Ford’s van manufacturing division has shown its best results since 1978 – the fourth quarter of last year was one of the most successful. American sales of trucks and vans have grown 33% since 2015, and the company intends to maintain positive momentum by offering customers a fully electric version of the iconic Transit van.

 Ford has just officially announced that this will happen during the 2022 model year, which probably means that we will see a van with zero emissions by the end of next year.

“Commercial vehicles are an important component of our big electrification strategy,” comments Jim Farley, Ford COO

 Ford also released the first teaser image of the future Transit EV, but it says little to us about the new product. Obviously, the car will take the form of a modern Transit with an internal combustion engine, but you can expect some visual changes in the front that will distinguish the electric van from its gasoline and diesel counterparts.

 The automaker expects the Transit EV to deliver huge benefits for fleet customers compared to the current Transit, including fewer scheduled maintenance, lower operating costs and – obviously – no refueling at the gas station. Rumor has it that the electric van may receive federal, state, and local tax benefits.