What has changed in the updated BMW M5 sedan?

What has changed in the updated BMW M5 sedan?

November 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the parking lot, near the Nurburgring race track, the prototype of the updated BMW M5 was captured, as well as the current version of the “charged” car, so that their exteriors can be compared. The prototype of the updated version of the business sedan is still covered with camouflage film, which somewhat complicates the objective comparison.

Despite the fact that the prototype of the updated high-performance BMW M5 sedan was covered with a certain amount of camouflage, we can still discern some elements of its appearance. In particular, you can see the restyled headlights, which have become thinner, as well as the vertical trims of the double false radiator grille, which now look somewhat different.

The tight camouflage on the front bumper suggests that it is this part of the updated BMW M5 that will be changed, in fact, like the lower grille. Most likely, the air intakes got a slightly different shape, but they are difficult to see because of the dense camouflage on the front of the sedan.

Several other prototypes found on the same track also had a rear camouflaged – most likely there are hidden recycled taillights with new graphics. Currently, the rear bumper has not received any changes, although it may well be that on the production version of the new BMW M5 it will look a little different.

It is reported that the new M5 will have a more powerful version of CS, which will be the most powerful version of the model. I note that a prototype of such a model was seen last month without any camouflage – the CS nameplate, gold wheels and a more powerful spoiler on the trunk lid were visible. Most likely, this version of the new product will receive more than 617 horsepower and lower weight.

 It is currently unknown whether CS will debut at the same time as the updated M5 or not. Meanwhile, the updated Series 5 is due to appear in 2020, and is likely to be followed soon by the M5.

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