What happens to a Toyota Supra tire while drifting

What happens to a Toyota Supra tire while drifting

October 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The experiment was carried out using an action camera

American blogger Matt Mikka posted another video on his YouTube channel Warped Perception, in which he demonstrated with the help of a GoPro camera what happens to Toyota Supra tires during a controlled drift. In addition, the author of the experiment captured the operation of the rear suspension.

For the experiment, the blogger fixed a GoPro camera on the rear right drive. To avoid damaging the device, Toyota Supra was shod with low-profile wide rubber. During the shooting, the author of the video was able to film how the tire works during sliding. During the test, the picture was transmitted in real time to Matt’s smartphone.


In the video presented, you can see significant vibrations in the places where the tire comes into contact with the asphalt during a controlled drift. In addition, during drifting, you can hear the characteristic whistle that occurs when the rubber frictions against the asphalt. During the experiment, the tire experienced severe lateral loads, but successfully passed the test.

The blogger placed another action camera on the bottom of the car. With its help, in the video, you can see how the rear suspension and propeller shaft work during a controlled drift.

In early September, the same blogger decided to see what was happening inside the intake manifold of a Toyota Supra Turbo. To see the hidden process in the car’s engine, he also used an action camera. And in early August, using the same GoPro, he demonstrated what processes take place inside a Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG wheel moving on smooth asphalt and on a bad road surface with potholes.