What happens if you combine the iconic Ferrari F40 and Ford Fox Mustang in one car?

What happens if you combine the iconic Ferrari F40 and Ford Fox Mustang in one car?

January 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Independent artist Abimelec Design presented his vision of how a car created from two iconic sports cars of the last century – Ferrari F40 and Ford Fox Mustang will look like. When creating this render, an independent artist also used some of the features of the Ford Thunderbird coupe.

The 80s of the last century were quite significant, crucial in many senses. Home computers and video games have just begun to appear. Steel applied direct fuel injection. Automotive design was very much turned towards the future – every second car received a futuristic appearance.

 Well, take for example the American Ford Mustang and the Italian Ferrari F40, sports cars that actually embody the automotive era of the 80s of the last century, although the Fox Body Mustang (the third generation of the model) appeared prematurely in 1979. Both cars differed from each other both in terms of performance and design, with a stretch one could say that these are essentially different cars.

 However, independent artist Abimelec Design thought, why not combine these iconic cars into one, and I must say that the result is simply fantastic.

In his Facebook post that posted the F40xbody visualization, Abimelec Design talks about how to connect such mismatched cars. Although their proportions are different, the classic Ferrari and Ford are close to each other in length – they are separated by less than 30 centimeters. Abimelec Design began with the Mustang and built the F40 around it, lowering the roof, expanding its wings and adding a wing. Ferrari F40 rims and its Rosso Corsa body color were used. The car uses headlights from Ford Thunderbird.

 Abimelec Design decided that under the very long hood of the resulting car, there will be a 5.2 liter V8 powerplant from Ford, for which two turbochargers are needed.