What happened to Tesla Model 3 after 41,842 kilometers?

What happened to Tesla Model 3 after 41,842 kilometers?

April 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A blogger appeared on YouTube’s blogger channel Andy Sly in which he assesses the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan, which was bought about a year ago for $ 50,000. At the moment, the car ran 26,000 miles, or 41,842 km.

One of the big advantages is the many updates that come to the car through the air Tesla. This means that, unlike other automakers’ cars, the one-year-old Model 3 is just as relevant now as the models that people buy today.

It is noteworthy that the blogger initially very much doubted the reliability of this electric car.

“I can honestly say that my Model 3 has so far been a 100% reliable car for me, and yes, although this should be expected from a completely new car, it is still pleasant to be surprised at how reliable an electric car can be,” said Andy Sly. The Model 3 energy plot is extremely accurate in predicting the approximate power reserve.

For all the time, he only changed the tires. And in some stores, for owners of Tesla cars, the procedure for replacing tires is free. To overcome a little more than 41,842 km, it took 6,457 kWh of energy, which in terms of money is $ 549, or $ 35,827.

Finally, the blogger noted that Tesla Model 3 has really high power and instant torque.