What else to face: the battle of Volvo against Tesla comes to the point of absurdity

What else to face: the battle of Volvo against Tesla comes to the point of absurdity

December 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Polestar 2 turned out to be an order of magnitude cooler than the Tesla Model 3 in one more parameter.

Volvo’s Polestar 2 electric car is about to go on the assembly line and, of course, a huge number of people are looking forward to this moment. There are a lot of rumors around this car, and many experts argue about whether this car will be able to become a worthy competitor to the Tesla Model 3 or if it will be able to surpass the creation of Elon Mask.

However, there is no arguing against the numbers and Polestar 2, by its technical characteristics, is not much, but Tesla still loses. The pricing policy of the company also plays a huge role, because during the first year the car will be sold no cheaper than 59,900 euros, and only after that the starting price will be reduced to a more adequate 39,900 euros.

But, as they say, he who searches is sure to find. There is a parameter by which Polestar 2 simply defeated Model 3. Drum roll … Towed power! Yes, it was precisely in the ability to pull 1,500 kilograms that Volvo’s electric car simply did not leave a chance for the Tesla, which, in turn, could only pull 910 kilograms. A trifle, but how nice. Photos instantly appeared on the network in which a trailer was hooked behind an electric car, on which two electric bikes are located.

Polestar decided not to lose the opportunity to trump this fact and immediately announced the cost of the towbar. Neither more nor less, but will have to roll as much as 1,100 euros for it. You can only say about it that a trailer can be hooked on it, and it is ideally hidden under the bumper thanks to an electric drive.