What does Ken Block have in the garage?

What does Ken Block have in the garage?

October 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A famous person – professional rally racer Ken Block decided to show his collection of a wide variety of cars and bicycles.

Ken Block is known not only as an upscale racer who gained wide popularity thanks to videos on YouTube, where, while driving different cars, very powerful cars, he very effectively enters controlled drifts. Mr. Blok is also known for his love of everything that has wheels – we are talking about cars, bicycles, radio-controlled models, buggies and even boats. We saw many of his toys, but this time it was time to see what is in the home garage of the rider.

Through a recently published video, a professional rally racer talks in detail about his garage. A sightseeing tour begins with the “family sedan” of the Block – Ford RS200. This mid-engined all-wheel drive sports car was released in a circulation of 200 copies.

Next to it is a four-door Can-Am buggy with a special bike rack on the back. 131 hp car has a special cage, equipped with forged Turbomac HD rims with Toyo tires, and its body is made in matte black. Recall that Mr. Block has been the Can-Am brand ambassador since 2016.

  The rider also talks and shows about his collection of five bicycles, among which there is an electrified tricycle with a hand brake. Finally, Block will ride you (virtually of course) on his Can-Am with four bikes in the trunk.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that racer Ken Block performed at the Goodwood Hill Festival of Speed. The famous drift racer Ken Block held a demonstration race at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​on his 914-strong pickup truck. The modified truck drove spectacularly, growling with its engine, and then lost the wing expander.