What do the headquarters of famous car companies look like

What do the headquarters of famous car companies look like

January 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Now you will see those places where beauties and monsters are affirmed. Where decisions are made for billions of dollars. Where are the very people hated by many who “turned cars inexplicably into what.” In general – get acquainted, 16 most interesting headquarters of automobile concerns. And not all of them look like a branch of Umbrella Corporation.

The main office of one of the largest automobile companies in Japan is located in the small Japanese settlement of Futu (the population barely exceeds 50 thousand people), near Hiroshima. This office is one of the oldest, but the company recently opened a large representative office in Australia, where there is even a small exposition of key brand cars.

Mitsubishi motors
Mitsubishi’s headquarters are also quite modest, and it is located in the Tokyo special area of Minato. Nearby is Honda’s rival headquarters. Not so long ago, Mitsubishi joined the friendly family of Renault-Nissan, but it is unlikely that this will somehow affect the location of the head office – in the end, during the collaboration between Mazda and Ford, no one moved anywhere.

Like Mitsubishi, Nissan is headquartered in a special area, only called this Nishi area and located in Yokohama. This is the birthplace of Nissan, although the current subsidiary Datsun appeared a few years earlier in another city – in Tokyo. The Nissan Yokohama plant was built in 1935, but paid more attention not to cars, but to planes. The new headquarters building was built in 2009. The total area of the premises exceeds 92 thousand square meters, which are spread over 22 floors.

The whole city of Wolfsburg was built because of and thanks to Volkswagen, so is it any wonder that absolutely all of the concern’s life support channels are concentrated here. In addition to the factory and its headquarters, the company’s museum is located in Wolfsburg, exhibition halls of all brands included in the concern, as well as a special dealer center for those who want to pick up the car from the factory. In anticipation of the owner, the car is in one of two glass multi-storey cylinders with an automatic feed system.

Volvo is also cherished by its roots – the company’s renewed headquarters is located in Gothenburg, as it was 90 years ago. Moreover, even the building was preserved, from the gates of which the first Volvo car left in April 1927. Since 2010, Volvo Cars has been owned by the Chinese company Geely, but this in no way affected the location of its headquarters. There is also a center for improving car safety and a research department.

What you see in the photo is history. But hell, the story is beautiful. Previously, this building housed Fiat’s main headquarters – now it is one of the headquarters of the Fiat-Chrysler Union, formed in 2014, which is responsible for the European development vector of the corporation and Fiat commercial vehicles. Immediately behind it is the former Fiat Lingotto factory, on the roof of which there is a test “oval”.

If there is a European headquarters for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), then there must be an American one, and in this case the Chrysler complex in Michigan is the “intellectual clot”, with an American brand emblem and a factory right next to it. As for the headquarters of the entire union, and not its branches, it is located in Amsterdam, although the alliance is registered in London. Here is such a “Santa Barbara.”

Ford has no shortage of headquarters either (if only because the European, American and Australian Fords are three big differences), but the main office has long been located in Dearborn, Michigan – in the same place as The oldest factory of the company. Near the building is a Ford research laboratory. And it all started with the fact that Henry Ford just bought a house in these places.

This is the entrance to the Bentley headquarters in Crewe. All cars are collected here (bodies come from Volkswagen plants in Zwickau and Bratislava). In total, the company has nine large offices in different parts of the world that are engaged in studying the wishes of customers.

Aston Martin
The headquarters of Aston Martin in Heydon is similar to a 21st-century fort – small windows, thick walls and perimeter ponds. According to company representatives, this building embodies the values that Aston Martin cars are endowed with – quality, visual simplicity and aesthetics. It is difficult to disagree with them – the headquarters looks very stylish.

Mercedes Benz
Probably, it would be more appropriate to mention the Daimler building, but we will not infringe on the headquarters of Mercedes directly in Stuttgart – nevertheless, it is much more outstanding architecturally. As in most other cases, the building is in close proximity to the factory and the museum. Also nearby is the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium.

General Motors
Despite the depressing mood in Detroit, GM’s headquarters was located in the Renaissance Center, and is still located in it. The magnificent Art Nouveau building was built back in 1977, and since then GM has not left it. At the time of construction, it was the tallest building in the state. On the roof is a high-rise restaurant Coach Insignia. Was the Opel model named in his honor?

Perhaps the most famous headquarters in the world is the futuristic BMW-Vierzylinder Center, which was opened in 1973 and has 22 floors. The 101-meter-tall building is still one of the tallest in Munich, with more than a thousand employees working within its walls. Thanks to the spectacular appearance, the “cylinders” appeared several times in the cinema.

Now Pagani Automobili has moved to a new plant (and, accordingly, to a new headquarters), but we do not forget about how it all began – from a small building surrounded by dense shrubs. In his lobby was an interesting museum of achievements of Horatio Pagani, as well as a cozy modest shop. We hope that the good old tradition has been preserved in the new place at Pagani, the essence of which was that if you pay an official visit, one of the flagpoles will surely have a banner of your country.