What could be the updated Mercedes SLS AMG in the back … pickup?

What could be the updated Mercedes SLS AMG in the back … pickup?

May 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The foreign design came up with a very strange idea – to make a small Ute pickup out of a sports coupe Mercedes-Benz SLS. The whole process of transforming the machine is shown in the video.

Here is the answer to a question that we suspect no one has asked. What would a Mercedes-Benz SLS sports coupe look like in a more productive version from AMG in the back … pickup. In Australia, such machines were called Ute.

Yes, this idea sounds crazy, but SLS is really the perfect candidate for such a transformation. This is a two-seater car with a “growling” V8 engine, which is installed in front, so that half of the “ingredients” the car already has. A new video from the talented artist from the YouTube channel The Sketch Monkey shows how such a performance of a powerful German car might look like.

By his own admission, the digital image of the resulting Mercedes SLS AMG in the back of a pickup truck is “very, very strange.”

This is because most of these small pickups (Ute body type) are based on sedans with plenty of space behind the front seats for the subsequent creation of a loading platform. The SLS AMG has only a small trunk behind the seats, so in order to give this car at least some cargo space, while maintaining its original wheelbase, it had to be moved forward, there is a place for such a “maneuver” – the sports coupe has a very large engine compartment.

 However, the resulting car looks damn weird. The artist reduced the elements of the front of the machine – headlights and a false radiator grille. The video shows most of the transformation of the machine in real time.