What could be the first pickup from the premium brand Genesis?

What could be the first pickup from the premium brand Genesis?

October 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Aa auto artist presented his vision of what the first pickup truck from the luxury brand Genesis could become. So far, nothing is known about the plans of the automaker’s management to present a similar model.

I must say that the current “workhorses” – pickup trucks F-150, Silverado or Ram 1500 are quite expensive for utilitarian vehicles. Their minimum price tag can easily exceed $ 70,000. So why not create a truck that can be called a real luxury?

Taking this idea as a basis, independent artist Calvin Kim decided to create his own version of the truck from the premium brand Genesis.


Genesis models are attracting attention with their current styling, in particular with two-level headlights and a large false radiator grille. These renders of Genesis trucks clearly embody the concept theme with giant tires and narrow interior, but the grille and headlights are central to identifying it as something of a Genesis.

But will luxury pickup trucks be in demand? We know Ford, GM, and Ram sell a bunch of expensive pickup trucks, but luxury isn’t the main feature in them. Earlier, premium company Lincoln unveiled its version of the Blackwood luxury truck, and Cadillac sold the Escalade EXT. These cars were not very popular and their manufacturers had to stop selling them. It is possible that the time has not come for luxury pickups.

Not so long ago, we wrote that the first images of the Genesis GV70 luxury crossover appeared. A video appeared on a foreign YouTube channel showing the new compact crossover Genesis GV70. According to the creators of these visualizations, they were created on the basis of existing photographs with camouflaged prototypes of the newest car.