What cars Spaniards love: TOP-5 brands

What cars Spaniards love: TOP-5 brands

April 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Motorists around the world have their own tastes and preferences. The specialists of AUTOSTAT told which car brands are respected by the residents of Spain. It is noteworthy that just three lines of the rating belong to the French brands.

Last month for the Spanish car market can not be called particularly successful. By the way, like the previous ones. As AUTOSTAT reports with reference to the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Cars and Trucks (ANFAC), by the end of March, car sales in this country fell by 4.3%, which corresponds to 122,664 copies sold. According to the observations of experts, the negative trend has been holding here for seven months already.

So, from January to March 2019, the Spaniards purchased 316,911 cars, which is almost seven percent lower than last year’s result.

Most willingly Spanish motorists bought French Renault cars. Dealers of the brand managed to find owners for 10,225 cars of the brand (growth in demand exceeded nine percent). Second place in the ranking of the most beloved automakers in Spain is another bright representative of the French car industry – Peugeot, which has 9,595 sold cars (+ 4.5%). But the local SEAT could not rise above third place. The products of this Spanish brand were chosen by 9,030 people (+ 3.7%). Fourth place, despite the decline in demand (-13.6%), goes to the German Volkswagen. On the fifth line is another “Frenchman” – the company Citroen. Its result is 7,638 sold cars (+ 10.4%).