What car’s brand most google in the world

What car’s brand most google in the world

November 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Infographics shows the distribution of Internet search queries by country.

Have you ever thought about which most popular car brands in the world? If so, there is an answer. This data is collected by the insurance company Veygo based on statistics from Google.

The data takes into account the statistics of search queries for 2018 and separates the data for each country. By the number of requests, Toyota became the leader. Cars of the Japanese manufacturer are looking all over the world, except Japan itself. But the Japanese, like much of Asia, are interested in BMW cars. But the Chinese are more interested in Tesla.

Above the map there is a list of the most popular brands for search queries, the brands are arranged in decreasing order of popularity from left to right.