What cars are bought in Spain during the pandemic?

What cars are bought in Spain during the pandemic?

June 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Spanish car market is recovering more slowly than others, and the most popular among the inhabitants of the country are German and French cars.

Experts from the analytic agency of the Spanish Association of Car and Truck Manufacturers talked about sales of new cars in Spain in May 2020. In total, sales amounted to 34,337 new cars, which is 72.7% lower than in May 2019. Despite the removal of restrictions and the opening of dealerships, the market is recovering at a slow pace.

The most popular brand in this period among the Spaniards was the French Peugeot, which showed a result of 2,881 sold cars (-70.4%). German Volkswagen took the second position – brand dealers in Spain managed to sell 2,721 cars (-68.9%). Renault closes the TOP-3 with the result of 2,459 cars sold (-72.2%). The local automaker SEAT is in fourth position with an indicator of 2,409 cars sold. It was SEAT that lost the most among the leaders – minus 79.3%.

German “Audi” complements the “five” of the most popular brands in Spain in May; sales of this company amounted to 2,330 units. and decreased by 54.2%.
Between the beginning of January and the end of May, residents of Spain purchased 257,202 new cars – the market decline compared to last year is 54.2% and is one of the worst indicators in Europe.