What cars are bought in Italy during a pandemic?

What cars are bought in Italy during a pandemic?

June 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The volume of sales of new cars in the Italian car market is gradually starting to recover. In May, Italians most often preferred local brand cars.

Experts at the Avtostat analytical agency shared data on sales of new cars in Italy in May 2020. The relevant information was published by the Italian Association of Automakers. Last month, 99,711 new cars were sold in Italy. This result is 49.6% worse than in May 2019, but significantly exceeds the figures for March and April of this year.

Between the beginning of January and the end of May, Italians bought 451,366 new cars (-50.5%). The five-month drop in sales in Italy was one of the largest in Europe. Among the brands, the leader is the local Fiat with a score of 13,995. (-60%). Thus, every fourth car bought in May fell to this brand. The second position goes to the German Volkswagen with the result of 8,910 sold cars (-52.9%). Top 3 is supplemented by American Ford – brand dealers in Italy were able to sell 6,868 new cars (-42.5%).

The fourth and fifth positions go to French brands – Peugeot (6,257 units, -39.1%) and Renault (6,219 units, -52.2%).