What can trophy truck based on an old Ford pickup

What can trophy truck based on an old Ford pickup

September 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Ford SUV equipped with a 1000-horsepower Chevrolet

Race car driver Chris Isenhower drove his trophy truck, built on the basis of a 1969 Ford F-100 pickup truck, in the desert. The SUV is equipped with a modernized Chevrolet LS engine with a volume of 6.7 liters and a power of about 1,000 horsepower.

The trophy-track allows you to move across the desert at high speed with a specially designed suspension with front A-arms from HRT Motorsports and a rear four-lever. The course of the front suspension is 610 millimeters, the rear – 737 millimeters. Ford is equipped with Sway-A-Way rally shock absorbers and wheels with 39-inch BF Goodrich Baja T/A tires.

The peculiarity of the car is that the engine is installed at the rear and drives only the rear wheels. In the race for cars of this class used all-wheel drive SUVs several times, but they did not become popular because of the greater mass and high probability of damage.